Seeker Charters

Beachport, South Australia

Seeker Charters

Beachport, South Australia

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Beachport Fishing Charters


We are proud and excited to announce that Beachport’s first and only fishing charter will be launching very soon.

Whether your aim is to catch an elusive bluefin tuna, some gummy shark, school shark, or snapper, we have a charter for you!

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Custom Charters

We can also arrange the perfect custom charter for you and your group!

Want to catch and keep a southern rock lobster? Why not take a crayfishing charter where we will supply you with drop nets and you will catch your own. No license is required, but there is a bag limit of two per person.

More interested in bird watching? We can take you on a charter where you will view and feed the majestic albatross, and watch gannets and terns feed on bait schools.

Wanting to celebrate a special occasion? We also do a scenic cruise! Our non-fishing charters can accommodate up to 12 guests. Ice is provided and guests can bring their own alcoholic drinks. You will see dophins and seals as you take in scenic views of Rivoli Bay and surrounds.

Many of our experiences can be combined to create the perfect custom charter for you and your group.

Looking for the perfect present for you fishing crazy loved one? We also do gift vouchers!

Contact us today to find out what we can arrange for you.

About Seeker Charters

Located on the Limestone Coast in Beachport, South Australia, Seeker Charters is owned and operated by local commercial crayfishing family Anthony and Steph Roach.

Skipper Anthony has fished extensively around Australia, both commercially and recreationally, and has over 20 years experience fishing the southern coast around Beachport.

All Seeker crew members are experienced fishermen and will be there to assist you when needed. They are also great blokes and are eager to enjoy an exciting and fun day on the water with you.

Our charter boat, Juggernaut, is a 50-foot fibreglass Westcoaster. It operates as a commercial fishing boat during the crayfishing season and is equipped with the latest Furno electronics, comfortable seating and a flushing toilet!

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